[MonoDevelop] WIndows forms Solution

Christoph G. christoph.g-punkt at web.de
Fri Apr 7 06:54:55 EDT 2006

Hello there.
Yeah I'm currently working on a WindowsForms solution, and parallell I do 
something in GTK#. 
My experience so far with both is following:
- WindowsForms has the advantage that you can use Visual Studio to develop the 
whole solution. Most things work fine under X/mono but some things are 
handled differently by X or mono, for example the focus thing.
-the drawback of WindowsForms under X for me is the speed, especially if you 
work with images on buttons and so on. I did a menu with rollover-buttons,
and it really doesn't perform very well under X..
- GTK# has a much better integration 'cause it bases on GTK of course. Also
development works fine with glade. I haven't tried GTK# under Windows yet,
but I could imagine that it works fine there,too, for example when I look at
GIMP, wich works equally good under Windows and Linux and is based on GTK.
-A bit dissapointing for me on GTK# is the way one could do real OOP with it,
because of the Application.Run() thing - wich starts one Main-Window-Handler
for your whole application, so therefore I had difficulties to create real 
seperate classes for every window I have , and also to seperate the code into 
different files, as I was used to in Windows. Maybe one of the experienced 
GTK-programmers here can say something to this point, cause I'm really 
wondering how large application can be made this way..

Ok, hope I could give you some impressions, greets,

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