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Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Thu Sep 29 05:29:08 EDT 2005

El dc 28 de 09 del 2005 a les 10:03 +0200, en/na Jeroen Zwartepoorte va
> On 9/28/05, Todd Berman <tberman at off.net> wrote:
> > > What does using the APIs you mention give you extra? I'd like to keep
> > > the widget as generic as possible.
> >
> >
> > I could be wrong (strike that, probably wrong) but my understanding (and
> > lluis can explain better) is that it:
> >
> > 1) Easily allows for extensions, like if someone wanted to extend the
> > file-pad to show external servers over sftp or something, or add a new
> > right click menu option, etc.
> Well you don't need extensions for this. Since VfsNodeView uses
> gnome-vfs, any servers you are connected to in Nautilus (sftp:, ftp:,
> webdav: etc) will automatically show up in the VfsNodeView. MD
> probably needs to be changed internally so it uses gnome-vfs to open
> (remote) files.
> One nice feature might be to add a "Project" shortcut (on the same
> level as Desktop and Home) that points to the root directory of your
> current open project. API for that needs to be added in VfsNodeView
> though.
> Popup menus aren't handled at all in the current code. This is up to
> the application to deal with (MD in this case).

By using the NodeBuilder API, any MD add-in can change the behavior of
the tree in many ways, including (and not limited to):

1) Adding new nodes (like the project shortcut you propose)
2) Adding overlay icons to existing nodes
3) Add new menu items to the context menu

A file system tree built using this API would become a platform upon
which other add-ins can build its own functionality.

Such a tree would be MD-specific right now, but it could be generic if
the NodeBuilder API is made generic. I just haven't got the time/need to
do it.

> > 2) Handles all of the lovely lazyloading for you. So a lot less code
> > duplication
> >
> > 3) Hooks easily into our Command structure, that would allow you to
> > redirect commands (Like cut, copy, or whatever) to your pad if it has
> > focus, and do the right thing.
> I'm not advocating to scrap the current FileBrowser codebase. I'm just
> suggesting using VfsNodeView as a base widget for it. It uses
> gnome-vfs from the start and is a lot more usable when you're dealing
> with files in more than 1 directory. Personally, i really don't like
> the current 1 list for folders, 1 list for files in that folder
> approach of the current filebrowser.
> Also, just to be clear: i don't have the time to implement these
> changes in MD myself. Too busy with work and other gnome related stuff
> (gtksourceview).
> Jeroen
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