[MonoDevelop] VfsNodeView

Jeroen Zwartepoorte jeroen.zwartepoorte at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 04:03:03 EDT 2005

On 9/28/05, Todd Berman <tberman at off.net> wrote:
> > What does using the APIs you mention give you extra? I'd like to keep
> > the widget as generic as possible.
> I could be wrong (strike that, probably wrong) but my understanding (and
> lluis can explain better) is that it:
> 1) Easily allows for extensions, like if someone wanted to extend the
> file-pad to show external servers over sftp or something, or add a new
> right click menu option, etc.

Well you don't need extensions for this. Since VfsNodeView uses
gnome-vfs, any servers you are connected to in Nautilus (sftp:, ftp:,
webdav: etc) will automatically show up in the VfsNodeView. MD
probably needs to be changed internally so it uses gnome-vfs to open
(remote) files.

One nice feature might be to add a "Project" shortcut (on the same
level as Desktop and Home) that points to the root directory of your
current open project. API for that needs to be added in VfsNodeView

Popup menus aren't handled at all in the current code. This is up to
the application to deal with (MD in this case).

> 2) Handles all of the lovely lazyloading for you. So a lot less code
> duplication
> 3) Hooks easily into our Command structure, that would allow you to
> redirect commands (Like cut, copy, or whatever) to your pad if it has
> focus, and do the right thing.

I'm not advocating to scrap the current FileBrowser codebase. I'm just
suggesting using VfsNodeView as a base widget for it. It uses
gnome-vfs from the start and is a lot more usable when you're dealing
with files in more than 1 directory. Personally, i really don't like
the current 1 list for folders, 1 list for files in that folder
approach of the current filebrowser.

Also, just to be clear: i don't have the time to implement these
changes in MD myself. Too busy with work and other gnome related stuff


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