[MonoDevelop] My first addin

knocte knocte at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 04:12:29 EDT 2005

2005/10/17, M. Scott Ford <vaderpi at scottandlaurie.com>:
> Hello all,
> I thought you might be interested in the MonoDevelop addin that I wrote.
> All of the details are here [http://vaderpi.scottandlaurie.com/addnew.php].
> All feedback is welcome.
> Thanks,
> -Scott

I haven't tried it yet but it sounds very interesting from the
description. I suppose that, if an addin is considered very useful, it
could be added to the main tree and then not being an addin anymore? I
say this now because I think VS.NET 2003 has features like this,
without being addins/plugins from third parties.


    Andrew  [ knocte ]


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