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Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 3 14:23:35 EDT 2005

No one is working on it right now.  
You can head it up if you want to.  There is a message from Todd Berman about a few months ago says mentions what needs to be done.  Read the archives.
Zac Bowling did the original effort.  He hasn't worked on it in awhile though.  Others may have helped him though.
Zac had a project at http://forge.novell.com/ called MonoDevelop for Win32 or something like that.  Do a search for it at the site.
The biggest things is trying to get the dependencies, such as, gtkhtml, gtksourceview, and GNOME dependencies working on Win32.  However, with Tor Lilquist and others porting gnome 2 stuff to win32, it shouldn't take long.  When they get evo 2 working on win32, you will be able to get MonoDevelop working on Win32 after that.

knocte <knocte at gmail.com> wrote:
Gustavo Guerra escribió:
> Hello
> There are some threads from last December about this. In the mean time has
> there been any progress. Any snapshow of Monodevelop for windows?
> Best regards,
> Gustavo Guerra

I am also interested in being informed about the progress of the Windows 
Or, if it is indeed frozen, how can we contribute? What else is needed 
to be done?

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