[MonoDevelop] Re: SWF plugin (Todd Berman)

Ricardo F. Markiewicz rmarkie@fi.uba.ar
Wed, 23 Mar 2005 02:02:46 -0300 (ART)

> Wow. I guess that surprises me a little. Maybe it shouldn't. I just always
> assumed that the early emphasis on Gtk# was the simple fact that it's much
> further along than MWF (though those guys are really moving quickly now).
> I'm a Windows .NET developer... One of many I expect that re-entered the
> Linux world somewhere around the time that Mono 1.0 was introduced to the
> masses. I can certainly see the benefits of using Gtk# instead, but it
> still
> surprises me a bit that if not an immediate goal, that it's not a longer
> term on. As a developer interested in leveraging applications
> cross-platform
> and coming from the Windows world, I was (am) thrilled to finally find
> such
> a full featured IDE already in existence but I HAD hoped to be able to one
> day actually do my development in Linux just as easily as on Windows.
> Taking
> MWF out of the equation hurts that.

I think that the principal problem win SWF is that we (as an open source
community) don't know what is Microsoft planning, so, use our energy in
give SWF support in MD maybe is a waste of time ... That is an opinion of
a MD user (and a 'fanatic' of Gtk+ :)

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