[MonoDevelop] Re: SWF plugin (Todd Berman)

Matt Philmon mattisking@pobox.com
Tue, 22 Mar 2005 23:20:04 -0500

> "No, there isn't any.."
> "No, there aren't any plans"
> "No, we won't support it beyond our support for any other plugins, we will
provide svn space for people developing it, and attempt to > make sure we
dont break too much API, but it is not something I personally am going to
spend time on, nor is it something I would
> recommend others spending time on."

Wow. I guess that surprises me a little. Maybe it shouldn't. I just always
assumed that the early emphasis on Gtk# was the simple fact that it's much
further along than MWF (though those guys are really moving quickly now).
I'm a Windows .NET developer... One of many I expect that re-entered the
Linux world somewhere around the time that Mono 1.0 was introduced to the
masses. I can certainly see the benefits of using Gtk# instead, but it still
surprises me a bit that if not an immediate goal, that it's not a longer
term on. As a developer interested in leveraging applications cross-platform
and coming from the Windows world, I was (am) thrilled to finally find such
a full featured IDE already in existence but I HAD hoped to be able to one
day actually do my development in Linux just as easily as on Windows. Taking
MWF out of the equation hurts that.

Regardless, you guys have done some really great work and I at least am very
interested in seeing 0.6.