[MonoDevelop] Project structure info

Emil Emilov emil at emilov.de
Fri Jul 29 17:13:40 EDT 2005

Hi guys,
I'm having a hard time understanding the project stucture (fresh checkout from svn). I am used to code in IDEs (as opposed to the emacs/vi guys). Is there a general solution file that unites all mono-components that I can open with MonoDevelop and browse the class structure etc.?
Now I've read all docs under the MonoDevelop dir and browsed it also (also checked everything on the website). I also saw that there are mdp prject files for all of the components.
But is there something that unites all of this? 
If I could get all the project components in a single solution and be able to compile it and run it from the IDE I'll try and write a tutorial about it.

Thanx :)
Emil R. Emilov
mailto:emil at emilov.de

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