[MonoDevelop] UML docs on VersionControl

Daniel J. Lauk dj at djlauk.de
Sat Jul 9 15:13:57 EDT 2005

Hi there.

Thanks for your response and offer.

Basically, I wanted to start hacking on the libraries and add support 
for CVS later on. The UML diagrams are supposed to support, if I may use 
your term :-) , "library hackers" in future maintenance of it.

By the way: Do you still actively maintain VersionControl? I wouldn't 
want to get in your way or so. I slipped into it by the Google "Summer 
of Code" program. (Project proposal was "SVN integration in MD". I got 
rejected, still liked the idea and now I populate the 'net with UML...)

Back on the UML diagram track. Actually, I wanted to have two or three 
levels of UML diagrams.

The one I'm currently working at is a general view from ... hmmm... I 
guess 1 to 5 km over ground :-)
Its purpose is plainly to help associate class names (and the implied 
responsibilities) to certain domains (projects / files).

The next step for me would have been to go to what you called the 
"middle level" and diagram how SubversionVersionControl works.

I am not sure, if there would be any reason to model the low level. I 
mean it is well documented in a notation, commonly known as C# ;-)

So, errm, just drop me a line or two, what you think.

Best regards,


Joshua Tauberer wrote:

> Nifty, Daniel.  I've never had anyone UML diagram my classes before. :)
> You should keep in mind that there are basically three levels to the 
> library, and a user of the library probably is going to be only 
> interested in one.
> At the top level is the VersionControlSystem class, abstracting over 
> the different types of version control.  There's not much to diagram 
> here, although an explanation of what the related classes are supposed 
> to represent is in order.  Users of the library should be looking at 
> this class and the related classes in VersionControl.cs, and they 
> don't really need to know about the others.
> At the middle level is SubversionVersionControl, the implementation of 
> VersionControlSystem for Subversion.  Only library hackers should ever 
> care (or know) about this class.
> At the lowest level there is the SvnClient class that very simply 
> wraps the p/invoke library calls to the Subversion API.   In 
> principle, no one should ever use this class (and the classes defined 
> in it) because it's merely there to support the middle level.  Again, 
> the only people that need to know about the class are library hackers 
> specifically working on improving Subversion support.
> So, my suggestion would be to not UML all of the classes together.
> But if you have any questions about how anything in the library works, 
> drop me an email.

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