[MonoDevelop] Usint GTK# in Mono.

noteme note at broadpark.no
Tue Jul 5 14:36:49 EDT 2005


        This will probably sound a bit lame, but I am new to Mono and
and have problems compiling my GTK# apps in Mono. I can compile them
fine on command line like this:

mcs -pkg:gtk-sharp hello.cs

so I guess it is a setting somewhere. In Visual Studio I would have
guessed I would have added a something to the linker. Is this the case
now too? In that case, where do I add it, and what do I add? And if this
is the case. Is it supposed to add this by default if I go to "New
file", "C#", "GTK#-window". Because that is what I have done, and it is
not working. Only getting an error message looking like this:

"The namespace 'GTK' can not be found (missing assembly reference?)

Any help would be appreciated.
- ØØ -

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