[MonoDevelop] Version Control tutorial

Daniel J. Lauk dj at djlauk.de
Tue Jul 5 06:04:56 EDT 2005

Hi James,

thanks for the hint. I'll add it to the tutorial.
I'm not totally sure on how it works(I'm new to MD as well) , but by 
right-clicking on the solution in the solution browser you'll notice new 
context menu items, e.g. "update" or "status" for projects that are 
under svn control (e.g. MonoDevelop itself or Extras/VersionControl).

Unfortunately, the svn commands are crashing MD with my current setup, 
but that might be, because I tend to (mis)configure stuff in a strange 
fashion (e.g. mono went to /opt/mono-...) ;-)
I'm working on it currently and as soon as I figure stuff out, I'll post it.

Hope that helps so far.

Best regards,


James McBride schrieb:

>I followed the tutorial. Everything worked just like it says it would,
>but I don't know how to activate the SVN commands. I guess I expected
>there or be an addition to the file menu or something where I'd be
>able to connect to a repos.
>I'm new to MD so maybe I'm doing something wrong. Do I need to tell MD
>to use the AddOn  once it's built? Should a start with a solution
>that's already got .svn directories in it ?
>On 7/4/05, Daniel J. Lauk <dj at djlauk.de> wrote:
>>Hi list.
>>I did kind of a tutorial on how to build MD with svn support.
>>Please check it out and tell me, if it's any good. If so, maybe someone
>>might like to add it to the wiki or monodevelop homepage?
>>It's located at
>>Best regards,
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