[MonoDevelop] Moving SVN repo, website, etc.

Payton Byrd plbyrd at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 3 19:16:04 EDT 2005

Todd Berman wrote:

>On Sun, 2005-07-03 at 18:03 -0500, Payton Byrd wrote:
>>>Do you think it should just be on monodevelop.org and point to bits on
>>>the wiki, or something different?
>>I do not believe MD belongs in the same Wiki as Mono as it implies that 
>>it will work wherever Mono works, which is not now the case, and 
>>probably never will be.
>It works in as many places as Cocoa# does, which is also in the
>mono-project wiki.
If I were running the Mono project I would be very, very careful about 
how things were grouped together from a marketing perspective.  Novell 
is now a Linux company, but Mono's stated goal is to be as ubiquitous on 
Windows, Mac OS, and Unix as is Java.  Tying in packages that purposely 
don't run on Windows isn't going to help Novell get Mono into places 
that are Windows strongholds.

I, for one, have never understood the need for MonoDevelop to fork from 
Sharp Develop.  The time and effort put into porting to GTK# could have 
been better spent getting SWF working in Mono so that the Sharp Develop 
code would run on Mono unaltered, and infinitely improve Mono's market 
position as a tool to allow truly ubiqitous client-server development 
platform that would outperform Java in every way.

MonoDevelop has a very important psycological position in the world of 
.Net development.  It's name infers that where Mono goes, MD goes as 
well.  If someone new to Mono goes balls-to-the-walls out to get going 
with Mono, tries to download the branded IDE, and then discovers it 
doesn't work on Windows, he's going to be pretty pissed and quite likely 
to blow off Mono as vaporware or hypeware. (did I just coin a new term?)

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