[MonoDevelop] Patch - Compatablity fixes

Zac Bowling zac@zacbowling.com
Mon, 03 Jan 2005 03:31:19 -0600

Compatablity fixes for MCS/CSC without preview 2.0. Some 2.0 code 
sneaked through and it might not be time to start using 2.0 code yet. 
Sorry, its a little dated on the orginal revision because I can't update 
the svn for the folder where I make my changes while its still down and 
I don't feel like doing manual diffs and fixing my SVN later :-)


I'm still working on my MD port for Win32. and I'm still porting 
Mozilla's GtkMozEmbed to WIN32. I have the wrapper working, just having 
a hard time getting the build down without so many DLL export errors 
between gtkmozembed.dll and xpcom.dll. Something about using MSVC 
exporting in a funny conflicting with something glib. More info later...

I pointed http://polystimulus.com/ and 
http://monodevelop.zacbowling.com/ to http://zacbowling.com/monodevelop/ 
if you were wondering.

Zac Bowling