[MonoDevelop] Code folding

Alexandre Gomes alexmipego@hotmail.com
Sat, 01 Jan 2005 12:50:17 +0000

Answering to all,

It doesn't support #region, yet. But, it is using my own code to detect
what to hide/show. Anyhow, I'm in an effort to show that many things
that are believed not to be possible with current MD status are indeed

The Tag.Invisible raises an run-time warning, yet it works very nice.

Also, it makes me learn, and open a "road" into future development.

Now, details:

While it works with my own code to detect what to show-hide I need to
use the already done code.

The invisible tag do work. Yet, the line numbers to look to disappear
well, until the cursor is in the exact point where the hiding tag
begins. In this point all the hidden numbers appear on the same spot
making it ugly and unreadable.
The left bar (where the numbers appear) need many work. Todd is working
in a port so, maybe I'll wait, or maybe I'll advance this work for him.
To skip this problem I used an window that appears at the begin of the
line where the cursor is - yet the expand-collapse only appear if the
cursor is in the '{'.

This implementation was all done with a few targets in mind. The first
one was to show it is possible, yet the most important was to test how
does MD structure is mature to allow anyone to develop addins to it.

My conclusion is that most of it is ready, yet there is a big issue.
There is a BIG lack of events. An example was that to make code folding
I used a service so I wouldn't need to patch the sourceeditorview. I had
to patch Md so it can tell services when the workbench is created...
There is a lack of other events too, like "documentopen", etc...

I'll try to do some work on it, yet my top priority is 1rst fix
debugger, 2nd my code generator.

Anyone that wants to help is welcome.

On Fri, 2004-12-24 at 11:34 +0100, jeroen@xs4all.nl wrote:
> Cool stuff.
> How are you doing this? Since Gtk.TextView doesn't support hidden text
> very well.
> Jeroen
> > Code folding is on the way:
> >
> > http://alexandre.widesolutions.pt/screenshoots/folding.jpg
> >
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