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You can certainly have the web running on linix/mono and still talk to MS SQL server on a windows machine. You just need to make sure the linux machine can connect on the network to the windows machine running ms sql. If your connection string has the name of the MS SQL machine, just make sure your linux machine can resolve the name to the ip address of the MS SQL machine. You can do this either using a dns server on your local network or using the /etc/hosts file right on the linux machine.

You need to make sure that the MS SQL machine is listening for tcp/ip connections, usually on port 1433.

Yes it is also possible to migrate your db from MS SQL to postgre but that is more complicated.

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         i m using MONO. But i have a application running on asp.net & 
        SQLSERVER. so how can run this project on MONO(red hat 9). 
       how can i connect SQL SERVER to linux & running that application 
       on MONO.
       can i port my application usin POSTGRESS SQL SERVER.
       plz help me.
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