[MonoDevelop] Some ideas about Monodevelop

aedwards at aspire.ws aedwards at aspire.ws
Tue Dec 27 15:48:32 EST 2005

Very good points.  Those of us that use VS.NET 2005 already are basking in the glory of some well thought out features that increase productivity significantly during developmenton windows.  If the number of applications available for a platform is what makes it popular to users and having tools to get them out quick makes all the difference, linux is needing some help on monodevelop.  The tool productivity itself is as important as the library, although one can not exist without the other dependency wise.

I wonder if a wish list of features exist somewhere on go-mono?  or even a comparison of the features you find on windows but not on mono and mono-develop when it comes to a competitive business nature?


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