[MonoDevelop] Build and NUnit lib

Grzegorz Sobanski silk at boktor.net
Tue Dec 27 08:13:28 EST 2005


There are two problems with building Mono Develop and nunit support.
One is emerging on Debian systems, and other is independent.

OS: Debian Sid, NUnit package 2.2.0-1, MonoDevelop - rev 54856.

1. Configure seems to be broken, because it behaves differently in those
a) run with parameter:
./configure --enable-nunit
./configure --disable-nunit
b) run without any parameters

In a) configure is doing a pkg-config check for installation of nunit,
and acts accordingly - sets paths, exits when nunit is not found, etc.

But in b) no check is done.
It is not a problem for old developers who have all needed libs
installed, but is an annoyance for new ones, as it is not doing it's job
of proper checking for needed libs.

I attach a small patch fixing this.

2. It is mentioned in mail from Matthew B Philmon on 14.12, and in #76814
On Debian systems NUnit packages is installing nuint as "nunit" in
pkg-config. But MonoDevelop build process looks for "mono-nunit" so it
cannot find installed nunit libs.
I can write to debian package maintainer, if name mono-nunit is somehow
encouraged and widely used. But I don't know why MonoDevelop looks for
mono-nunit and not nunit?
Other solution is to change configure to look for both, which I could
probably do if it is needed.

And small question. Configure checks for nunit in version 1.1.8. Is
MonoDevelop really working with NUnit prior to 2.2? Some did check it?

Best wishes

Grzegorz "Silk" Sobański                        silk (at) boktor.net
I am root. If you see me laughing,                 http://boktor.net
you better have backups.
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Index: configure.in
--- configure.in	(wersja 54856)
+++ configure.in	(kopia robocza)
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@
 		[enable support for NUnit [default=yes]]),
 	[PKG_CHECK_MODULES(MONO_NUNIT, mono-nunit >= $MONO_NUNIT_REQUIRED_VERSION, enable_nunit=${enableval}, enable_nunit=no)],
-	enable_nunit=yes)
+	[PKG_CHECK_MODULES(MONO_NUNIT, mono-nunit >= $MONO_NUNIT_REQUIRED_VERSION, enable_nunit=yes, enable_nunit=no)])
 AM_CONDITIONAL(ENABLE_NUNIT, test x$enable_nunit = xyes)

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