[MonoDevelop] Application configuration files

knocte knocte at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 08:32:06 EST 2005

Victor Rafael Rivarola Soerensen (FANATICO y LOCO por Cristo) wrote:
> Actually, these are just recomendations. There is nothing in Un*x that
> forces you to follow them (just like there is nothing in Windows that
> strong arms you into using the registry and not some XML in your apps
> installation directory).

And why not make it a standard? I know that there is something called 
LSB but I ignore its contents. I bet this would be an interesting fact 
to determine in it.

> Actually, I beleive it better for a situation more like this one, but
> with a common subdirectory for every kind of app. Otherwise you would
> once more end up in having a ~/.config/ directory that could end up
> quite large.
Yes, but .config is more separated. I often setup Win32 machines to use 
a shared folder placed on the Linux box. Each shared folder is the ~ 
folder for each linux user, so when they access it, they can see the 
typical folders (Desktop, Documents, bin, ...) and, if they have enabled 
the hidden files view, they also see many "dot-app" folders like this. 
If they were just inside .config directory, it would be less ugly, more 
attractive and organized for them.


    Andres   [ knocte ]


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