[MonoDevelop] "System.Net not found" using monodevelop

Peter Johanson latexer at gentoo.org
Fri Dec 9 17:56:44 EST 2005

On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 11:54:32PM +0100, enzo wrote:
> Peter Johanson wrote:
> Thank for the replay ( both you and Rodolfo ) but I'm a very new 
> beginner with mono and c# development, so I'm sorry but I have to ask 
> also what to do to add such a reference.
> I suppose it should be a statement to add inside the code but I didn't 
> found how do that.
> Can you give me more details on that ?

In the solution pad in MD, there is a "References" item, right click
that item and click Edit References. There will be a tab labeled "GAC
Items" or something to that effect; check the box next to the "System"


Peter Johanson
<latexer at gentoo.org>

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