[MonoDevelop] First go at unit tests

C.J. Collier cjcollier at colliertech.org
Fri Dec 9 02:13:18 EST 2005

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Jacob Ilsø Christensen wrote:
> But the main reason is that it won't help in building up a test
> framework for Monodevelop. Your test would only be testing a
> particular implementation of the search engine, not the
> *MonoDevelop* search engine. If that is what you want to do, ok,
> but I don't think it is the correct path.
> That is actually what I wanted to do. Test a particular
> implementation with a unit test. And we then know that
> *MonoDevelop* search works if all the particular implementations
> are tested individually.
> If we next month decide to drop the GtkSourceView based editor and
> implement our own manged editor, all those tests will be useless,
> and we'll have nothing to ensure that the new editor does the
> search in the same way as the old did, and that there are not
> regressions.
> It is true that they will be useless but that argument goes for all
>  code that is thrown away. But as long as we use the GtkSourceView
> based editor they will not be useless.
It sounds like these unit tests should go into the gtksourceview-sharp
tree and not the MonoDevelop tree.

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