[MonoDevelop] Subversion integration

Andrés Villanueva xal1983@gmail.com
Thu, 07 Apr 2005 11:27:09 -0300

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Gary Davidson wrote:
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  <p>I am a long time ms programmer trying very hard to transition to
  <p>I have yet to get monodevelop working... Off and on for a
month&nbsp;and a half&nbsp;and 5 installs of fedora core 3. I have ordered SUSE
9.3... but fedora should have worked I think</p>
  <p>I had mono up in a couple of hours and wrote some code with
eclipse and the mono addin in another couple of hours. but the install
for monodevelop&nbsp;is freakin nuts.</p>
  <p>I would love to contribute (especially a&nbsp;refactoring addin if not
already done)&nbsp;but I have yet to even see the app. I have 20 something
years of programming experience and this is really frustrating. </p>
  <p>As soon as I get it up and running I would like to start a
mono/linux user group is S Florida for&nbsp; MS .net guys to help ease the
transition. MS has really pisssed on them with the new MSDN pricing.</p>
  <p>Does anyone have a step by step instruction guide&nbsp;for any distro?</p>
Gary Davidson </p>
Well, for starters if you want to have it up and running fast and
easily, try the linux installer or rpms which you can get from <a
and that sould be really fast and simple. Once you have that running
you can start trying to compile a trunk build, but if MD doesn't start
even using the installer / rpms, then you probably have a dependency
Of course, in order to compile from source, you need all the -devel
packages which are not needed to simply 'run' the app.<br>
Anyway that should get you through the 'seeing the app' part. ;)<br>
Andr&eacute;s Villanueva<br>