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Christian Hergert Christian Hergert <christian.hergert@gmail.com>
Wed, 6 Apr 2005 15:08:39 -0700


I have used your port of Alg::Diff in the past. Its great. Awesome to
see you working on this. What release should the below be run against?
Our svn releases change quite frequently.

~ chris

On Apr 6, 2005 7:53 AM, Joshua Tauberer <tauberer@for.net> wrote:
> Hey.
> At the expense of getting actually important things done in my life, I
> started hacking subversion integration for MonoDevelop a few days ago.
> It's far from complete, but I wanted to post it to see people's thoughts.
> The source & binaries are posted at:
>    http://taubz.for.net/code/mdvcaddin.tgz
> To use it, copy VersionControl.addin.xml and (from the bin directory)
> Diff.dll, DiffGtkWidget.dll, and VersionControl.dll to your MD AddIns
> directory.  (Diff and DiffGtkWidget come from my Diff library at
> http://taubz.for.net/code/diff.)
> The addin adds two new context menu items -- Diff and History -- to
> files listed in the project browser that are under svn version control.
>   Diff shows a nice color-coded difference since the last commit/update,
> automatically updating when the file is saved, and supporting exporting
> unified diffs via Save As.  History shows all of the log messages for a
> file going back to revision 0, with buttons to show changes or the
> file's content at any of the revisions.
> Subversion (specifically libsvn_client-1.so.0) has to be installed for
> the history functions to work.
> Among the things that are left to program are catching exceptions when
> there are problems, progress bars, and all of the remaining svn commands.
> Other version control systems can be plugged into the addin easily, if
> anyone else wanted to work on that.
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