[MonoDevelop] Re: import vs.net sln

Kusuma Sujiwo kusumas@ostalink.com.au
Thu, 11 Nov 2004 14:15:21 +1100

First, many thanks to Alexandre Gomes for your explanation. I really 
appreciate it.

> Are you using monodevelop from subversion? If so you shouldn't symlink 
> the gtk-sharp files. Simply uninstall gtk-sharp2 from cvs, and install 
> it again with ./autogen.sh -prefix=/usr
> This is due to mono default installation beeing in /usr but gtk-sharp2 
> from cvs default is /usr/local
> Again, only do that if you are using monodevelop from subversion.

Hmm...what is subversion about? I'm using ubuntu linux and I use its 
synaptic package to install md. So I dont know whether the package was 
build from subversion or other version :?  And when I installed 
gtk-sharp, I think I use /configure -prefix=usr, so it's installed to 
/usr/share/dotnet/mono/gtk-sharp and there is gecko-sharp on the same 
folder. I symlink gecko-sharp.dll to monodevelop/bin as well. Otherwise 
md raise a complain cant find/load gecko-sharp. Hu uh, I hope I'm not 
being suicidal here.

> Now, the references. I don't think you really want this files next to 
> the solution files. When you compile either in VS.NET or 
> MonoDevelop/SharpDevelop the assemblies will be in 
> preoject_path/bin/debug (or release) you can check this behaviour 
> (sorry my english, I think I don't know how to write this word, lol) 
> in project properties. You can try to move this file into bin/debug 
> folder or you can delete the reference from the project and add it 
> again right-clicking references and choosing ".net assembly" and then 
> browse it. My first solution is advisable even if you need to re-add 
> the reference.

I've copied .dll files to both bin/ and bin/debug/ but I'm still getting 
cannot load/find dll error. Then I try your second solution, select 
".net assembly" from bin/debug/. I ended up using both your solution but 
some how it works. :P

> Hope it helps,

It certainly is.