[MonoDevelop] Re: import vs.net sln

Kusuma Sujiwo kusumas@ostalink.com.au
Wed, 10 Nov 2004 12:03:55 +1100

Alexandre Gomes wrote:

> In  fact I think he could not find the MonoDevelop.Base.dll assembly. 
> Try to search for this file, if it is under /usr/local try to symlink 
> it to under /usr or vice-versa.

MonoDevelop.Base.dll is located on the same folder as dbgen.exe.

I made a bunch of symlinks from gtk-sharp installation to my 
/usr/lib/monodevelop/bin/ and this eliminates all the 'cannot find 
assembly' errors. Then I'm getting a list of msg like


Then nothing happen? Is this an error?

And since nothing is happening again, I click 'Run/Compile All' and 
getting error

'Could not find: Interop.WIALib.dll
Could not find: ByteFX.MySqlClient.dll'

How can I add reference path so that md find these two dll? They are 
located in the same folder as the .sln file. Does md not looking at this 
folder for reference?

Is there docs on how to use Import/Export function? I hope I'm making 
some sense here.