[MonoDevelop] monoquery almost ready

Christian Hergert chris@mosaix.net
Tue, 02 Nov 2004 03:43:07 -0800

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I'll be finishing up MonoQuery this week and you can see some of the
development at http://people.mosaix.net/chris/ which has a link to a
bunch of screenshots. I wrote it against subversion release 2006. after
i get things stable i will migrate it to 2011 or whatever is the current
release. here is a quick list of what MonoQuery will initally support.

 * Adding connections to tree (only Npgsql will be available this week
with mysql to follow shortly there-after).
 * Viewing of tables, procedures, and views. Possibly schemas too.
 * Viewing of data within a table or view.
 * Viewing of columns within tables, views, procedures
 * Viewing of parameters to a procedure
 * Depending on time, executing stored procedures/functions. (this
mostly needs work on creating a user input form for parameters).
 * Execute custom SQL statement and view results.

Here are the things i want to implement as soon as possible:

 * Update, Insert, Delete rows from a DataGrid. (I could definitely use
help here)
 * Build NHibernate hbm.xml mapping files from either entire database or
individual table as well as interface/abstract/final classes.
 * Modify druids and windows to glade xml.
 * Figure a way to make database connections saved to GConf or .config
or project file so that you dont have to re-add connection on each

Also, Mosaix Communications, Inc. has been funding this development and
will continue to fund more MD projects; so anyone that needs true
private networks for their company check em out at http://www.mosaix.net
**shameless plug**

Christian Hergert <chris@mosaix.net>
Mosaix Communications, Inc.

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