[MonoDevelop] Using java (ikvm) with monodevelop

Uwe Fechner ufechner@sk28.de
Sun, 23 May 2004 09:38:28 +0200


I am trying to use ikvm with monodevelop, but did not succeed yet.

I followed the instuctions given here:


My ikvm script looks like this:

mono /usr/local/bin/ikvm.exe $@

This doesn't work.

If I try to compile the hello world example, I get the message:

ikvm -classpath application;read -p 'press any key to continue'

usage: ikvm [-options] <class> [args...]
          (to execute a class)
    or ikvm -jar [-options] <jarfile> [args...]
          (to execute a jar file)

where options include:
    -? -help          display this message
    -cp -classpath <directories and zip/jar files separated by :>
                      set search path for application classes and resources
    -D<name>=<value>  set a system property
    -Xsave            save the generated assembly (for debugging)
    -Xtime            time the execution
    -Xbootclasspath:<directories and zip/jar files separated by :>
                      set search path for bootstrap classes and resources
    -Xtrace:<string>  Displays all tracepoints with the given name
    -Xmethodtrace:<string>  Builds method trace into the specified 
output methods
    -Xwait            Keep process hanging around after exit
press any key to continue...

Using gentoo linux, monodevelop 0.3 from gentoo ebuilds.

The java code:

 * application.java
 * created on 05/12/2004 at 07:50

public class application {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello, World!");

I put the .exe files from ikvm into /usr/local/bin and the *.dll files 
into /usr/lib.

Any ideas?

Uwe Fechner