[MonoDevelop] cs syntax highlighting does not work for me

rainer@4950.net rainer@4950.net
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 12:49:40 +0200


I tried now everything. I installed gtksourceview-sharp from suse9 rpm I have
xd-unstable (gnome-2.6) and mono-0.31. In addition to that I compiled gtk-sharp
from cvs, gtksourceview-sharp from cvs, and monodevelop latest snapshots.

Syntax highlighting works for aspx files (if the <html> is at latest in the
second line of the source). However, for cs files it simply does not work. I
launched gnome-file-types-properties and set the mime type for text/x-csharp (or
whatever was on the faq). But still no highlighting. The same happens for

I dont know what to do anymore. Can anyone make a suggestion?

By the way, I have another problem aswell. If I am running KDE (3.2.1)
monodevelop is really SLOW!! However, if I run xd-unstable (gnome 2.6) it is
really fast.

any help would be appreciated

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