[MonoDevelop] Another Erro compiling MonoDevelop... please help

Richard Torkar richard.torkar@htu.se
Sat, 20 Mar 2004 10:11:08 +0100

On Sat, 2004-03-20 at 08:13 +0000, Paulo Aboim Pinto wrote:
> 1=BA Why he can't find the assembly gtksourceview-sharp if it installed??=

Is it installed? Did the autogen.sh script find it?

> 2=BA Of couse he can't find the MonoDevelop.SourceEditor.dll assembly,
> there is no file like this in the file system!!!

Maybe it isn't on your system since it can't find
gtksourceview-sharp.dll. SourceEditor.dll is maybe created by using

Download gtksourceview-sharp from CVS. Run autogen.sh with the
--prefix=3D/where/you/wan't/it/installed and then "make && make install"

I install all my mono/mcs/gtk-sharp related things in ~/mono so I use:
./autogen.sh --prefix=3D/home/user/mono