[MonoDevelop] #D coorporation

Mike Krueger mike@icsharpcode.net
Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:06:44 +0100


>	I agree we could benefit from cooperation.  For the namespace changes I
>think it was done because it's trivial to rename them and that people
>were confused which parts were ported and what not.  If you consider it
>important that the namespaces remain, we could comply with that for the
>non-gui parts.  I personally consider what the namespace is to be
>irrelevent, but what do I know.
I only think that this might be not wise ... if my namespace layout 
sucks please write me that I can change it.
It is easier to keep up changes when not changing namespaces. For 
monodevelop gui stuff this doesn't matter
but for the 'base' stuff it would benefit the sharing value :)
We could keep large parts of the Base (all Internal stuff), #Refactory, 
VBRefactory, #Assembly, the Core and
ziplib (maybe more) platform independent ... and for these parts I don't 
understand why to 'fork' them.

>	One thing that would be helpful in my opinion is to include patches in
>your svn commits list. Although we haven't merged any of your bug fixes
>yet for lack of time, it would simplify things a bit. Also, do you have
>an internal list were you discuss what things you are working on, and
>future directions, etc?  If so making that public or shared here in some
>way would also be helpful.  An example, is the parsing stuff that you
>and Ben discussed on the other part of this thread.
I've tried to use this list ... lately I changed only the file templates 
and expression parser ... and doing tons of
bugfixes. And these tons of bugfixes are mostly in parts #D and MD 
currently share (like #Refactory). It is
too difficult to inform everybody about 'every' bugfix (which most I've 
forgotten in about 2 minutes). That is
why we have a repository where I try to give a short description after 
each commit.

>	One thing that we as MonoDevelop need to do is a better job of using
>this list for major changes instead of deciding things on IRC and by
>private mail.  I am guilty of this myself so I am not trying to blame
>anyone.  Is there anything else that would make things easier on your
You could chat with me on MSN (omni_brain@hotmail.com).

>	Last keep in mind that 90% of MonoDevelop is done by volunteers, so
>please don't imply we are changing the namespaces as part of some sort
>of conspiracy.  But perhaps I misunderstood you.
I've expressed me wrong. I don't think that this was a sort of 
'conspiracy'. I can understand that you change namespaces
accross the project. Generally this is ok, but in this case (benefit 
from enhancements done by me) this may not be the 'best'
solution and would require a constant work by you when taking new 
versions every two months or so.
I still do a lot of work on #D and it is still improving and I don't see 
why MonoDevelop shouldn't profit from my work.

> As for the other things
>(File templates) I have noticed your fixes but not had time to look them
>over or merge them, or they are not in the part of the code I use yet.
>Maybe others have I don't know.
That is one part I only have spoken about because I've seen that some 
people are submitting file templates ... but I changed
the xml format (maybe you've noticed that the format is a bit different 
than the other #D formats). And enhanced it ...
I know how boring it is to translate these templates over to the new 
version ...