[MonoDevelop] monodevelop-0.1 freezes

Jonathan Wheelhouse wheelhouse@pacific.net.au
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 21:39:35 +1100

Todd Berman <tberman@sevenl.net>:
> hmm, interesting, can you try:
> LANG=C monodevelop
> and see if it generates any different results?
> This one has me stumped though, anyone else seen similar behaviour?

Yes, I have; monodevelop froze when trying to open a file or create a
new one using the latest mono etc. from CVS.  I have reverted to
mono0.30 (by uninstalling the CVS versions of packages and installing
their corresponding Debian unstable packages) but cannot yet 'make'
monodevelop because the debian unstable package for gtk-sharp (I run
Debian unstable) is at version 0.16 and monodevelop requires 0.17 .

My intention was to wait until Debian unstable upgraded to gtk-sharp
0.17 before trying again (or else you can spend a lot of time doing
'cvs update' and make'ing and not doing much else :( )