[MonoDevelop] Licensing concerns.

Christoph Wille christophw@alphasierrapapa.com
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 08:51:36 +0200

At 08:36 AM 7/16/2004, Todd Berman wrote:
>On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 08:37 +0200, Christoph Wille wrote:
> > Asking for clarifications by the FSF is "in bad taste"? If you are more
> > competent in (GPL) licensing issues than the FSF, so be it. But we will
> > publish their findings here once we receive them.
> >
>Their view on the GPL is biased (as is mine), however the GPL is a legal
>document, whose merits can only be ruled on by a judge, which the FSF is
>I will politely request that unless someone on this list is interested
>in what the FSF has to say, if you could please post their
>response/findings somewhere else, as I feel this list has seen enough of
>this discussion. That said, I would personally love to read the FSF
>response, so when you get it, please do forward it to my personal

If Open Source projects themselves do not accept the FSF as authoritative 
in GPL issues, how do you expect anybody to take the FSF seriously? (you 
pretty much gave every closed source developer a great argument)  Anyways, 
I will post the reponse somewhere else as requested.