[MonoDevelop] Addins for MonoDevelop 0.50

Jose Cornado Jose Cornado <jose.cornado@gmail.com>
Thu, 30 Dec 2004 10:10:47 -0600

> No there is not, however we would be happy to add one for you, you
> should file a bug on http://bugzilla.ximian.com in the MonoDevelop
> component.
Ok. 70886 is the number.

> I am not 100% sure what you mean.

The spirit behind the design is to disrupt as little as possible the
user's flow. So the addin will interact with the user only when the
user needs to be made aware of something.

If there is nothing unexpected to report the default task view will do.

I found the following doc:

is this a useful doc for getting this type of information?

> You can't make direct calls to the jvm (in process) in MD right now, we
> have what are called Language Bindings that basically map various
> features to language specific things. I believe our current java binding
> is actually designed to use gcj and ivkm, but I am not 100% up on that
> piece of code.

I was thinking more along these lines:

When I get a Compilation Unit from the IDE, can I get it for Java
source files and C# source files? Or does the IDE uses different
"providers" of Compilation Units depending on the nature of the source

I will check the languages bindings more thoroughly.
> autogen.sh is for people using SVN, configure is what you want, however,
> there have been a good number of changes since 0.5, (and 0.5.1) and I
> would recommend using MonoDevelop's SVN for any new development based on
> it.

I ran ./configure but it failed because it could not find mono's .pc.  (?)

Anyway, I will get the sources from SVN. 

I am running RH 9.0 off the box (except the rpms that rug pulled down
for me to get mono-core and MD installed)

Is there a list of steps to follow or pitfalls to avoid in order to
get MD sources in working condition?

Thanks a lot!!