[MonoDevelop] Package content

Nik Derewianka monodev@e-media.com.au
Fri, 06 Aug 2004 11:03:10 +1000

>I agree Stephen.
>if i want to install a web server (xsp/mono) i don't need gtk# that
>depends of gtk that depends of ......
>On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 12:45, Stephen Roller wrote:
>>I disagree.  There _should_ be 40 different packages to install mono. 
>>Most of them are entirely seperate projects.  I want Mono and XSP/mod_mono
>>on my server. I don't want GTK#.
>>I think it boils down to what feels normal on that operating system.  It
>>is quite common for a one-installs-all program in Windows.  In Linux,
>>things considered separate projects are packaged that way.
>>Just my observation/opinion.  I'm sure people will consider moving the
>>entire Mono suite into one package.

Just because a systems philosophy is to have small discreet programs 
doesnt mean that you have to foist the ugly aspects of this on the users 
(dependancy hell and chasing down the components).

A really simple installer that has checkboxes for what you wish to 
install will suffice.  The installer should then be able to 
intelligently handle the dependancies of that choice without the user 
having to know about it.  The cygwin installer would have to be one of 
the better ones i have seen.

The biggest thing i have noticed coming from windows to linux is the 
PHENOMENAL amount of questions from seasoned intelligent computer users 
that have problems installing software.  The installer should be a 
fundamental part of the build process, it should be working with the 
nightly builds.

Having said that - if anyone can show me how to get monodevelop working 
on windows and/or osx, then i am quite happy to create and maintain 
installers for them.