[Monodevelop-devel] Database Addin patch - MySql Provider

Luciano _ lnc19 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 24 21:32:51 EST 2009

Hi Again:
Sorry to reply to myself: 
I submit a bug report with the explanation and the patch: #479343.
If someone could review it and/or commit it now it will be great :)


From: lnc19 at hotmail.com
To: monodevelop-devel-list at lists.ximian.com
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 22:08:59 +0000
Subject: [Monodevelop-devel] Database Addin patch - MySql Provider

Hi all:
          Attached is a patch for MonoDevelop.Database addin (MySql). 
This patch fix some bugs and incorrect behaviors (more info on the ChangeLog):
*  BugFix when showing the list of procedure and one of the procedure is a Function ("SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE myFunc" is invalid)
*  BugFix ArgumentNullException when editing a procedure.
* "Alter Procedure" Implementation for MySql Provider. (Based on the current)

Could someone review it and commit it?


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