[Monodevelop-devel] Call to translators: MonoDevelop 2.0 string freeze is here!

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 17:00:17 EST 2009

Dear Translators and Committers,

MonoDevelop is now string-frozen for release. No changes should be
made to the translatable strings without careful review and extremely
good reasons. This freeze applies to trunk until 2.0 is branched, and
will apply to the 2.0 branch indefinitely.

This means its time to start translating MonoDevelop for the 2.0 release!

Procedure is the same as before, but I'll run through it for
newcomers. before beginning a translation, please reply to the list
with your intentions, so we don't have duplicated efforts.

I've committed up-to-date version of all the .po files to MonoDevelop
main in SVN. Either use an up-to-date SVN checkout, or grab the
appropriate .po file from
* To edit the .po file, you can open the MonoDevelop solution in
MonoDevelop, find the "po" project, and edit the translation using our
editor. Alternatively you can use any po editor or text editor to edit
the po file.
* To add a new translation from within MonoDevelop, use the context
menu on the "po" project. If you are doing this manually, make a copy
of messages.po, rename it to match your language code, and add it to
the lists in the Makefile.am and the po.mdproj file.
 * To test the translation, build MonoDevelop (using either
MonoDevelop itself or "make"), ensure that you have set the
appropriate LANGUAGE/LANG environment variable, and run MonoDevelop
using the Run button or "make run".

Several of the addins in extras/ have been set up with po files.
Procedure for these is similar, though I have not finished updating
them yet.

When you are done, please commit your translation if you have SVN
commit access, or email your translation directly to me, or attach it
to a bug report at http://bugzilla.novell.com.

Thank you for you contributions!

Michael Hutchinson

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