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Hi friend! 

I think I've just found the stuff you  were looking for, it's  just amazing!  Check it out http://helpptr.alangroarke.com

Yours sincerely, darren

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Very likely, but perhaps not in the way you  think.

Adding a bit  to the  numbers of troops wouldn't have  helped a great deal. But the Nazis' antisemitic stance did cause a lot of very important  scientists to leave the country. Had  they stayed and been  allowed  to continue their research, it's possible  Nazi  Germany  would have been the first country  to develop nuclear weapons.

That's something the Nazis  couldn't have foreseen,  of course. But their antisemitism was  driven partly by Hitler's personal antisemitism, and partly by the need to create  a scapegoat in order to unite the  country  against a  perceived enemy.

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