[Mono-winforms-list] MonthCalenar Problem with Mono 2.10.6 and WinForms

Baltasar García Perez-Schofield baltasarq at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 08:26:22 EST 2011

Hi, there!

I created a WinForms app in Linux, thinking it would work flawlessly
in Windows...

However, it does only work right (as created) with Mono for Windows,
not with .NET in windows.

The calendar looks bad, it appears duplicated, and if you click in the
next or last arrows, then it always advances abuot four months.

Here is the app in Mono 2.10.6 correctly running on windows (as in
mono for linux):


Here is the very same app (same binary) running on windows, with native .NET:


Any idea?

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