[Mono-winforms-list] No updates on http://mwf.mono-project.com/

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Mon May 16 12:31:18 EDT 2005

As I mentioned in my previous email, the link on the MWF home page to
http://svn.myrealbox.com/mwf/owners.html shows you what controls are still 
being worked on and which should work. Any control that is green (or says 
testing) should work and bugs can be logged against it.
Also, the class-status is updated almost daily, and it will show you 
progress. (it even lists the totals compared to the previous update at the 

It's ok if you log a bug that only happens on Windows (or if you don't know 
if it does or does not happen on Linux as well). Just specify the OS you 
found it on when logging the bug. However, due to the fast development 
happening on MWF, you might want to be running SVN head for libgdiplus, 
System.Drawing and System.Windows.Forms.


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>It is difficult to say that is bug or what is you working on .. all info
>about progress was too old.
>But executing real application shows many problems and i don't know which 
>them is bugs or still undone.
>I don't have time to fix bugs in mono but i can help to give some samples
>where bugs appears if you need them.
>And if you can say which components are assumed as ready i can give more
>info about bugs in it.
>I think some problems present only in windows distribution, but i have no
>time to port some native parts of application to linux,
>so i can see only difference between execution application using MONO and 
>under windows.
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>> >http://mwf.mono-project.com/
>>>Latest date which present at root page is [28. January 2005].
>> It's an introductory page, and as such, there's little reason to change.
>> If
>> you were to follow either the class status or owners page you could track
>> progress.
>>>This cite looks like there is no mwf development.
>>>Its blog has same problems.
>> It takes time to write blog entries (at least for me), and sometimes
>> there's
>> not enough time left after working on MWF to also write blog entries.
>>>1.1.7 release under windows has same problems as 1.1.6
>>>(no RichEdit, bad background clearing,strange items in Forms.controls 
>> So why don't log bugs on the problems you encounter? After all, unless we
>> know about them we can't fix them. (No RichEdit is not a bug, that's just
>> something that's still being worked on). Or even better, why don't you
>> help
>> us out and fix some of those bugs yourself and contribute the fixes?
>> Cheers,
>>  Peter
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