[Mono-winforms-list] Attempting to run MWF on Mac

Eric Sowell eric.sowell@lexelsoftware.com
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 08:05:57 -0600

Yes, I did install that package. I just created a basic winform (form + 
button) and ran it there with no problem, so at least my install worked. 
Instead of sending the bunch of code up, I'll see if I can start taking 
things out to see what makes it work. That way I can at least be a 
little useful :). If that doesn't solve the problem, I'll post the whole 

Right now the form consists of the following winform controls: Panel, 
Buttons, Menu, OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, and some System.Drawing 
stuff. My guess is that the file dialogs may be the problem, since they 
don't run under Mono on Windows. I'll try removing those and see if that 

kangaroo wrote:

> Eric,
>   Please attach the same code you compiled; the exact macpack line  
> used; and the output from Console.app when you try to run it.  You 
> did  install the 1.1.4 framework package from mono-project.com right?  
> You  are also aware that the Mac driver is in a very very alpha 
> state?  (I  accept patches).
> -kangaroo
> On 7-Mar-05, at 9:56 AM, Eric Sowell wrote:
>> Hello all. Trying to run a pretty simple MWF program on my Mac. I  
>> tried doing the "mono diagrammingengine.exe" thing and that didn't  
>> work. Then I saw this post:
>> http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/mono-winforms-list/2005- 
>> February/001428.html
>> So I tried the macpack thing, and that has given me a little 
>> progress.  But it still isn't working. The application will load for 
>> about a  second in the tray at the bottom, and then disappear. Any 
>> idea? And,  if it is throwing exceptions, any idea how I can get 
>> those to get  logged or displayed somwhere where I can see them? Thanks.
>> Eric Sowell
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