[Mono-winforms-list] System.Windows.Forms Themeing

Jordi Mas jordi@ximian.com
Sat, 11 Sep 2004 12:22:41 +0200

El divendres 10 de setembre del 2004 a les 12:29 -0300, en/na Everaldo
Canuto va escriure:
> > >Tomorrow I start a working to create a QT-KDE
> > theme. I
> > >think that I need to create C wrapper to QT lib
> > >because  all drawing functions of QT and KDE as
> > >implemented in C++.
> > >The creation of this wrapper is a problem?
> > If you'd look at the gtk theme, you'd notice that it
> > also calls into
> > unmanaged code.
> > 
> > Peter
> On the next days I report my progress to this list.
> Thanks
> Everaldo Canuto

You can look at the code of the GTK Theme. Basically deriving your class
from the ThemeWin32Classic allows you to get all the default theme
painting, and from there you can start to customise your look. There are
two levels of themeing:

- Basic  where you basically get the colours, fonts and other settings
from the underlying system.

- Advance, where you use the underlying system to draw the look of the

I'll suggest to start with the first approach.