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Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Mon, 18 Oct 2004 18:13:59 -0400


Based on your original post's error messages, you are trying to run the old 
(wine based) SWF library. If you follow Paul's earlier post, you should get 
a SWF version that does not rely on Wine anymore (and should not give you 
any errors either).


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> thanks I think its more of a PATH problem
> as I did install libgdiplus (several times!)
> going to have another go.
> hope it works.
> I know and read from the URLs that MONO is still very alpha on those 
> fronts.
> But its evolving extremely rapidly.
> My dream would be to develop .NET applications but entirely in Linux.
> Not Windows.Form (that was more for curiosity and study)
> but definitely ASP.NET -
> I dont know any PHP and any site I am asked to re-write or extend I
> invariably end up using ASP.NET
> Not webforms but my own customized stripped down version XML/XSLT powered.
> (Works non-javascript and 100% cross-compatible)
> There is a thought I might one day expand on that idea as well.
> Would be great if we had another competing Web-Form like designer -
> but not as limited as Microsoft's one (take the calendar control for
> instance - doesnt render on Netscape)
> Henry
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