[Mono-winforms-list] Re: Mono-winforms-list digest, Vol 1 #307 - 2 msgs

Henry Gilbert Henry Gilbert <henry.gilbert@gmail.com>
Mon, 18 Oct 2004 22:35:27 +0100

thanks I think its more of a PATH problem
as I did install libgdiplus (several times!)

going to have another go.
hope it works.

I know and read from the URLs that MONO is still very alpha on those fronts.
But its evolving extremely rapidly.

My dream would be to develop .NET applications but entirely in Linux.
Not Windows.Form (that was more for curiosity and study)
but definitely ASP.NET - 
I dont know any PHP and any site I am asked to re-write or extend I
invariably end up using ASP.NET
Not webforms but my own customized stripped down version XML/XSLT powered.
(Works non-javascript and 100% cross-compatible)

There is a thought I might one day expand on that idea as well.
Would be great if we had another competing Web-Form like designer -
but not as limited as Microsoft's one (take the calendar control for
instance - doesnt render on Netscape)


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