[Mono-winforms-list] new linux gui & swf

Otto Solares solca@guug.org
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 17:47:56 -0600


Sorry if my english is not good enough.

I am developing a new gpl gui for linux.  I have the server working,
in order to provide more info here what my server does:

- Composite engine based on opengl via FBDEV/DRI and standalone mesa.
- Input via new 2.6 input layer.
- Sound via OpenAL using ALSA.
- DBUS for system notifications.


- Network transparency ala X.

Now i am in the part of implementing client functionality, so i get to
mono, all the mono class libraries are excellent instead of reinventing
all that functionality.  The exact part i want to implement is SWF for
use in my project so clients use that API and i don't have to create a
new API for widgets,etc.  Any ideas, hint where can i begin to acomplish
my objective?  I read that for SWF there are 2 implementations in progress
gtk and wine.  Where should i look where are those 2 hooked into mono?

Also i was reading about Avalon/WinFX so here goes another question,
is SWF the same API that is used on Avalon/WinFX or are 2 different
beasts? longhorn will have a composite engine (called Desktop Composite
Engine - DCE) that will make use of DirectX, mine uses opengl and i
would like to support Aero APIs.  Any idea or is there any other
project with these objectives in mind?

I have done some coding in C# and i found it really nice, i am now
recoding my server so i can get out the C specific interface parts and do
the main logic in C# so my server become "managed", hopefully it will
not slow down.

Thank you.