[Mono-winforms-list] patches for Win32 API libraries

Vlad Kaluzhny vkaluzhny@openlinksw.co.uk
Tue, 6 May 2003 20:02:20 +0700

Hi Mike.

There is nothing wrong to use standard DllMain entry point.
But, please,  take a look  on source codes of wine dlls.

Only few libraries have this name as entry point.
Rest have other names ( "UserClientDllInitialize" for user32.dll,
"MAIN_KernelInit" for kernel.dll and so one).
in order to unify this I have decided to use InitDllMain name.
I guess this is supposed to be.
Since this is not for the Windows OS, we are able to use
any entry point name. But  anyway, they must  all be as identical.

With Best Regards, Vlad

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> Hi Vlad,
> I'm a bit confused as to why you need to rename the DLL entry point
> functions, what is wrong with using the standard DllMain entry points?
> thanks -mike
> On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 14:26, Vlad Kaluzhny wrote:
> > Hello Miguel, Hello All.
> >
> > On  this URL  http://host.kaluzh.info/win32api.tgz you will find the
> > with patches for Wine-20030318 (directory "wine").
> > I have tested this patches on Linux and FreeBSD, on both platforms
> > it's working nicely.
> >
> > Additionaly you will find there the directory "mono", where you will
> > find the modified mono runtime in order to  use new Win21 API
> > libraries. I've called it "monogui".
> > Miguel , could you please instruct me - may I commit this into mono
> > cvs tree onto the right place myself or you will do this yourself?
> > Now I've created separate runtime in order to  do not bring the troubles
> > for existing runtime.
> > I think these two runtimes should be merged into one  runtime and
> > the new key should be used in order to set the runtime mode:
> > gui or shell. What do  you think ?
> >
> > With Best Regards, Vlad.
> >
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