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Dennis Hayes DENNISH@Raytek.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 10:44:40 -0800

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	> I just wanted to say that I have programmed a few controls for my
SWF applications,
	> none of them required low-level Win32 API functionality! 
	If you used Control, form, or other SWF class as your base class,
they made the API calls for you.
	Look at Control.cs in the CVS tree.
	> I really feel we need to do something soon - this is very
frustrating :-)
	CVS is open for business, you can start coding anytime!
	Also, if you want to use GTK#, it is already quite functional.
	The real problem is not what application programmers do, it is what
SWF does internally (again look at control.cs in CVS).