[Mono-winforms-list] Vote? (my opinion...)

Richard Norman normri@samc.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:53:41 -0800

I am new to Linux and Unix Development to a degree, so my first idea is
to make wrapper classes to native call libraries.  What that will do is
allow you to set a Machine.Config setting to use which ever library is
necessary.  For example with the default config, Wine and native Windows
API are used.  If Qt# is specified, the wrapper classes use the Qt#
toolkit.  If Gtk# is specified, then the Gtk# library is used instead.

That way the Wrapper libraries just pass on to the classes underneath
and all methods are implemented transparent to the actual .NET

Also implementing different libraries will not require major changes to
the Classes.  Just another config check.( I hope that it can be that
easy..)  So you can get going fast with say Qt# while the Wine
configuration can be built over the long term.

Richard Norman

P.S. - I am currently studying to get my MCSD and was wondering, if I am
studying and taking classes on the .NET Framework, does that exclude me
from contributing my ideas?  I don't want to violate or invalidate any
copyrights and put the project in jeopardy. (reply to me cause this is
kinda off topic...)

Seems we're stuck with too many different opinions as to how the SWF = 
implementation on Mono should be written... May I suggest that someone =

set up a voting system so random visitors on www.go-mono.org can tell ud
their opinion? I think this would be a good solution since it is people
who are going to use Mono in the end who are most interested in the = 
project and visits the site more often. A note could be sent to OSNews =

about it, or something... 
I was thinking that choices could be: 
1. Pure Gtk# 
2. Pure Qt# 
3. Both (using the most appropriate for each system   this will take A =

LOT of coding to do...) 
4. WineLib implementation, providing full Win32 API support (if = 
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