[Mono-winforms-list] Let us get this right..

James Gregory james@linuxaus.com
29 Jan 2003 04:21:13 +1100

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 02:33, Dan Maltes wrote:
> I mean when a mono SWF app using winelib runs on a gnome desktop, what
> is it going look like?  Like an out of place pure ms windows app?  Would
> that be incredibly strange looking and awkward to end users?  On the
> other hand, I guess beggers can't be choosers, and just the very fact
> that a .net swf app would run on unix/linux systems is amazing enough.

Some time ago I put my hand up for adding GTK+ theme support to Wine. As
I understand it, that really should make everyone happy.

I spent some time planning exactly how to do this, spoke to a lot of gtk
developers, read a lot of the mozilla source amongst other things.
Making wine look like GTK is not a difficult problem -- unfortunately I
haven't had time to sit down and write the code that's floating around
in my head (isn't that always the way? :)).

I really believe that if the argument comes down to "it won't look right
but it will work", then it's a no-brainer. The "wine looks odd" problem
is a different one entirely and it's not overwhelmingly difficult to


(btw, if anyone is still interested in pursuing the GTK theme for WINE
thing, let me know)

> -Dan
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> Tom,
> Being a Windows developer myself, I can tell you that the issues of
> implementing WndProc and the Windows message stream in a compatible
> fashion are bigger than you imagine.  It is very often the case that
> components developed for Windows will make use of WndProc and trap
> messages to do things that the framework doesn't have support for.
> Implementing WM_MOUSEMOVE is pretty easy on a native widget set.
> Implementing a message such as LVM_ENABLEGROUPVIEW on a control that
> doesn't even exist on a widget set will be quite another story.  There
> is a reason why the WINE group has worked so hard for so long to get
> compatibility, it's not easy.  
> If the goal of Mono is to run as many .Net apps as possible, then Wine
> is the right approach.  The one downside is that it will still appear as
> a half-baked solution when these apps have no clue where they are
> running and don't play ball with any Gnome or KDE desktop themes or
> actions.
> Reggie
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> > 
> > To achieve the greatest cross platform continuity there should be
> (IMHO)
> > something with SWF in it.
> > My personal opinion on this is - at the moment I dont care what it is
> so
> > long as I can get a decent mono IDE  on Linux and really start
> hacking.
> > Some people think it should be built on GTK# which is still a bit
> dynamic
> > and getting larger than mono by the minute...
> > There seems to be the thought that SWF has some wierd tricks whick
> make it
> > hard to run in non W$ but GTK has got round this problem.
> > Rather than burden (potentially) mono with a possibly overblown
> emulation
> > is
> > it not possible to isolate the 'W$ event queue' (# this from GTK??)
> and
> > write an SWF using SD.
> > I'm not sure of the legal ramifications of this as SWF is not a
> standard??
> > 
> > There is a move by the #Develop  to port that to linux and it may be
> worth
> > thinking about building whatever is necessary to get that working
> under
> > X11?
> > If you can put MicroWindows in 64k ........
> > Tom
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