[Mono-winforms-list] Let us get this right..

Reggie Burnett rykr@bellsouth.net
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 08:36:02 -0600


Being a Windows developer myself, I can tell you that the issues of
implementing WndProc and the Windows message stream in a compatible
fashion are bigger than you imagine.  It is very often the case that
components developed for Windows will make use of WndProc and trap
messages to do things that the framework doesn't have support for.
Implementing WM_MOUSEMOVE is pretty easy on a native widget set.
Implementing a message such as LVM_ENABLEGROUPVIEW on a control that
doesn't even exist on a widget set will be quite another story.  There
is a reason why the WINE group has worked so hard for so long to get
compatibility, it's not easy.  

If the goal of Mono is to run as many .Net apps as possible, then Wine
is the right approach.  The one downside is that it will still appear as
a half-baked solution when these apps have no clue where they are
running and don't play ball with any Gnome or KDE desktop themes or


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> To achieve the greatest cross platform continuity there should be
> something with SWF in it.
> My personal opinion on this is - at the moment I dont care what it is
> long as I can get a decent mono IDE  on Linux and really start
> Some people think it should be built on GTK# which is still a bit
> and getting larger than mono by the minute...
> There seems to be the thought that SWF has some wierd tricks whick
make it
> hard to run in non W$ but GTK has got round this problem.
> Rather than burden (potentially) mono with a possibly overblown
> is
> it not possible to isolate the 'W$ event queue' (# this from GTK??)
> write an SWF using SD.
> I'm not sure of the legal ramifications of this as SWF is not a
> There is a move by the #Develop  to port that to linux and it may be
> thinking about building whatever is necessary to get that working
> X11?
> If you can put MicroWindows in 64k ........
> Tom
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