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Alexandre Pigolkine pigolkine@gmx.de
Fri, 28 Feb 2003 09:21:10 +0100

The situation with line terminators is not really simple.
Some files have Unix style, some - Windows style.
( for ex. AccessibleEvents.cs - Unix, win32functions.cs - Dos).
Sometimes, files get strange style:
For ex. ChangeLog file from your last check-in has 0x0D as 
a terminator for few top lines. Not all editors can interpret 
this correctly.

To keep diffs compact, I convert files to the encoding they
have in CVS. It will be really nice to switch to one and 
explicitly convert files to choosen one before checkin.

Regarding modifications:

I work with those files :
Button.cs, ButtonBase.cs, ComboBox.cs, CheckedListBox.cs,
ListBox.cs, Control.cs, ControlPaint.cs, Form.cs, win32functions.cs
(I hope that I didn't forget something).

I am going to check-in tomorrow,  
it will be great if you will not modify them before.


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Is there any reason why all the src files in WinForms are double-lined?
Is this just a remnant of cross-platform editing?  I would like to
collapse them all into single line and add appropriate region markers.
Any objections?