[mono-vb] Regression in vbnc

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Mon Aug 30 17:20:35 EDT 2010


Thanks for the report and the test case, this has been fixed now.


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>Subject: [mono-vb] Regression in vbnc
>The following code used to compile just fine but I just updated to the
>latest git version and it no longer compiles.  I did a bisection to see
>if I could find the bad commit, but the bisection only turned up
>as the commit where it started failing, which isn't very helpful since
>that is the cecil merge.  Looks like it is a problem finding the
>constructor, since the error I get is "No non-narrowing (except object)"
>Option Strict On
>Option Explicit On
>Imports Generic=System.Collections.Generic
>Public Class Main
>   Private Class Foo
>       Public FooVal As Integer
>   End Class
>   Private dict As New Generic.Dictionary(Of String, Foo)
>   Public Shared Sub Main()
>       Dim dictCopy As New Generic.Dictionary(Of String, Foo)(dict)
>   End Sub
>End Class
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